Elderflowers / Fläderblommor

Elderflower Syrup

25 elderflower leaves
1 l water
1 kg sugar
1 lemon
20 g citric acid

Wash the leaves and the lemon. Slice the lemon. Put both in a pot. Dissolve the sugar and the acid in boiling water and pour it over the leaves and lemons. Leave the syrup covered at room temperature for 4 days and stir twice a day. Strain the syrup (best through a tea towel), boil up the syrup and fill in bottles with caps.


Source: Granny

Elderflower Champagne

15 elderflowers
4 l water
700 g/11,5 dl sugar
4 lemons
2 tbsp white vinegar
a pinch of dried yeast

Dissolve sugar in the hot water. Put flowers into the water. Squeeze out the juice from 3 lemons and cut the other one into slices. Pour lemon juice, slices as well as the vinegar and the yeast over the liquid and stir gently. Leave it covered and in a cool place for 3 days. Take a look at the brew, if it’s not becoming a little foamy, add more yeast. Leave again for 4 days (to ferment). Strain the liquid (best through a tea towel) into plastic bottles (not glass – they could explode when opening). Leave for another 10 days.

Source: Uncle Joe combined with Channel4

Elderflower Jelly

25 elderflowers
1 lemon
750 ml water
1 kg gelling sugar

Wash the elderflowers. Slice the lemon. Leave both in the water for 24 hours. Strain (best through a tea towel), add sugar and boil up for 4 minutes while stirring. Fill in sterilised jars (boil jars at least 10 mins).

Source: Granny

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