Do’s and don’ts to harvesting

When adding harvest places on the map and harvesting on public places, we would like you to consider the following in order to make fruit-picking as pleasurable as possible for everyone involved.

1) The harvest map is open-source

This means everyone can participate and no one is responsible. We think it is just fantastic that everyone can get involved and we can’t and don’t want to control it. We just try to add more fruits and make it easier to use so that more fruit is picked. So anyone can add markers and anyone can remove them. This means that you should put markers where you think there are great things to pick and which, to the best of your knowledge, you are allowed to pick. But nobody’s flawless so when someone goes to check out a marker for an apple tree, it is up to them to determine if it is appropriate or not.

2) Not everything is public land

If there is any doubt if it is public or private land, even if it is marked on the harvest map as public, ask the municipality or just ask around, maybe someone knows if it’s alright or they own the land and can give you permission to collect some goodies. Many people have way too much fruit and are happy if they are picked and make people happy.

Botaniska in Lund have said they don’t want people to pick their’s because they use them for educational purposes. Still, we can’t control if people put markers on private land, or in Botaniska for that matter. We can ask people to not do it, and if you know of any markers that are inappropriate, please feel free to remove them.

3) Not every public fruit can be picked

According to the Swedish Allemansrätten, you are allowed to pick certain things and others you aren’t. Click here for some information. However, what we do know is that Lund municipality are happy if people pick public fruits.

4) Be aware of poisonous edibles

Most of us are amateurs when it comes to fruits. This means when it says tasty berries there might not actually be any because the marker is in the wrong place, they might not be tasty at all or they might even be unhealthy to eat. If you are unsure, ask around, bring a book on berries or a knowledgeable friend or simply stay on the safe side and don’t eat them.

5) Treat trees gently

When picking public fruits, be careful with the trees. Some trees in Lund are very old and thus protected. If you are unsure, join us at a harvest event where we offer you fruit pickers and ladders. Also, do not shake trees too hard!

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