Äppledagen 2014 / Appleday 2014

The sun shining, the apples abundant, the juice and mousse delicious and the visitors happy – what an apple day!

Guided by Fruktsam, a group of people first cycled to the south of Lund to pick some apples for the juicing.  IMG_0045 IMG_0053 IMG_0056 IMG_0061

Back in Stadsparken, Arielle and her kids made non-stop delicious apple mousse!


Our guests also produced very decorative and delicious apple rings…IMG_0091

… of which some are really special 🙂

Lund’s Naturskyddsföreningen also prepared a quiz around ecological food. IMG_0075

For the apple pressing, the apples have to be washed first. IMG_0086IMG_0087

Then they are going through a fruit grinder …IMG_0081

… to get a very fine mash.IMG_0094

The next step is the actual press. The press co-owner Mattias patiently explains how this works.IMG_0097

Then it’s about to fill the juice in bottles. If you want to conserve them, you need to cook up the juice and fill them in sterilised bottles. IMG_0078The left-overs can be perfectly used as a fertiliser in the garden.IMG_0095

And last: enjoy the juice! 🙂
Check out Lubna’s short video that also explains the process of making apple juice!IMG_0076



Big thanks to Jonna and Jan and all the other helpers for preparing and contributing on site for such a wonderful day! Many thanks to Arielle and her kids for making apple mousse! And a big thanks to Mattias also from Lunds Naturskyddsföreningen for providing and helping with all the tools for the pressing!

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