Endless wild herbs in the city

On Monday evening around 20 people gathered in the west of Lund to pick and learn about wild herbs together. By using common knowledge, books and the internet, we found let alone on Högbovägen and on the little path that leads to the dams more than 15 edibles! Check out the pictures for a selection.

Charlotte explains that this is a rosehip which flowers now and will have fruits in the fallCharlotte points out the flowering rosehips (nyponros). Both the leaves and the fruit can be used for jellies or jams.

ClöveThe flower of the white clover (klöver) has a very sweet taste and is both an aesthetic and tasteful additive to your salad.

MaskrosaMaria is happy to spice up her salad with dandelion (maskros) leaves.

Vitplister - nice to suck out the sweet stuff from the flowerPicking white dead-nettle (vitplister) which are not stingy and of which the white little flower tastes like a sweet treat!

Är det samma plantar som stor i bokGlad we had a flora encyclopedia with us to compare if we have the right herb and to read up on its medical uses.

Glad we had biologists who knew the latin name of the plants as wellThe two biologists wondering over the correct Latin name.

Är det ätbar kamille eller nån annan sort av kamilleIs this the species of camomile (kamomill) that we commonly use for tea? …

Camille found Camomille!
… yes, it is! Simply dry it and it’s delicious for tea and has numerous medical uses!

Svarta vinbärWe already found black currants (svartvinbär) which will be ripe in July.

DSC_0025And some plants, like the ribwort plantain, can be used for medical purposes  (svartkämpar) but also for fun times – like this French game…

Roliga grejer… or this plant which sticks to clothes! 🙂

Thanks to everyone for coming, sharing their knowledge and being so enthusiastic! If you are more interested in wild herbs in Skåne, we recommend that you subscribe to the newsletter dags att plocka. These homepages also give more in depth knowledge about all kinds of edibles: skogsskafferiet, skanskasong, edibe plantsSäsongsmat

We wish you a fruitful day and hope to see you in July when it’s time to pick cherries – just follow our blog and Facebook!


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