Plants you could pick and eat already today!

The harvest season has already started! Maybe not with the things that we are used to pick in public places but with many other things that grow almost everywhere – once you know what to look for!

Salad2On Monday at our study circle we enjoyed a salad merely made with things that were found in public places. The small flower is a daisy, the green leaves are dandelions, the purple flower is a dead nettle and the little light green plant is a chickweed. All those fit perfectly in a salad, are quite nutritious and grow all over the town at the moment!


Stinging nettle
The harvest season of stinging nettles has also started! This plant is often considered as weed because it grows everywhere. But it is actually delicious in soups, as a tea or as pesto and is also really healthy for you! Use a glove when harvesting (it stings which goes away once boiled or steamed) and better take the two tastier upper levels.


CaltsfootButterburThese two plants, the coltsfoot (the yellow plant) and the butterbur (the purple one) can also be collected right now in Skåne. Due to their toxic substances, it is however recommended to only use them for medical purposes.

And last but not least, we had lots of fennel that we found in an abandoned allotment area. We also count this as foraging because we found it outside and it can be eaten 🙂


We would also like to point out that between mid-March and May it is time to harvest wild garlic which grows in woodlands, has a strong taste and is delicious for a soup. We heard that there is an abundance of wild garlic in Alnarp… Do not mistake the plant with the poisonous Lily of the Valley. The wild garlic has a green-coloured stem and a strong garlic taste. The lily of the valley has a purple stem and does not smell like garlic.

We are quite impressed what can be foraged already in the early spring! Hope we inspired you to take a walk through your city and discover and collect some wild plants!

Have a fruitful day!

PS: We warmly recommend to start collecting jars and bottles for the jam and juice season that will begin in June when it’s time to harvest elderflowers!

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