The last apple fell…

… so we would like to officially end this year’s fruitful harvest season!


Thanks to enthusiastic fruit pickers, our followers and collaborators, we were – since September – motivated and managed to

  • launch successfully the blog and facebook page,
  • increase the fruit markers on the harvest map to 130 entries,
  • share 26 delicious recipes,
  • look back to 2 picking events with more than 70 pickers and 130 kg of fruit and a jamming session with 25 glasses of jam and mousse as a result,
  • be represented at Lunds harvest festival where we talked to around 100 people and gave out more than 60 bags of self-picked apples,
  • read proudly about Fruktsam in 2 newspapers
  • discuss enthusiastically about public picking places and allemansrätt,
  • win Studiefrämjandet as supporter and
  • apply for funding to continue and extend the project next year!



Hope to see you back at harvest season 2014, starting in April!

Please give us your feedbackto improve next year’s harvest season.
Tell us: What did you like? What was annoying? What could have been done better? What kind of event would you like to have?

Happy holidays and best wishes,
Ina and Teresa

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