Research on urban food trees is popping up!

ResearchLUMES graduate Kyle Clark and LUCSUS researcher Kimberly Nicholas have recently coined the term urban food forestry in their newly published paper. According to them, urban food forestry comprises everything around food-producing tree species in a city. It thus includes public orchards and food forests, community fruit harvesting groups, and urban fruit mapping. Urban food forestry, which can be also seen as part of urban agriculture, is a “cost effective and scalable approach” as Kyle describes on his homepage. Advantages, as he further says, range from “improving the resilience of our cities and communities through improved food security, social capital building, and a wide variety of ecosystem services.”

We are happy that there is an overarching term that describes what Fruktsam is doing and aiming for. It shows the importance and potential of local fruit picking initiatives, makes us feel being part of a bigger movement, as well as helps to further develop.

We keep you updated about research on urban food forestry and hope to be able to organise a lecture with researchers in the field soon!

Enjoy the last berries (e.g. aronia) that are to be picked!



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