Run and map

From being a compromise so that I could spend time with my boyfriend, running has become a time to relax with my own thoughts or simply let go of everything else that is going on and think of nothing.

With this project I have realized the benefits of moving around the city on foot. Apart from the obvious health benefits, it has become an opportunity to scout for fruits, nuts an berries around town. Compared to cycling, running is at a pace where you will still spot the wild strawberries hiding under the bush but you cover some distance compared to walking.

Although it is not ideal to pick lots of fruit on a run, I use it as an opportunity to map where fruits are, keep track of what is in season and when those cherries are that perfect deep red colour. By taking different routes I discover new parts of the town but of course also new fruity treasures.

Unfortunately, if you keep up the running throughout autumn and winter you will struggle to find much fruit during those times but hopefully you will have plenty of jars and bottles stored up to enjoy during those dark and cold winter months.

Have a fruitful and active day!

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