Join our first event to Pick’n’Jam!

Event pic


Walk with us around Lund to find the best harvest spots, pick fruits and make jam together!




PICK – Thursday, 12 Sep, 17.30 in front of Smålands Nation.
The walk and the picking is for free. Bring a basket or some bags to carry the fruits.
We can store the fruits in Smålands Nation to continue with the jam-session the next day.

JAM – Friday, 13 Sep, 17.30 in the Smålands Nation pub/kitchen.
Bring well-rinsed jars (your old pasta or honey jars) and any other things you think are useful (e.g. a pit remover, a blender). Gelling sugar, pots, knifes, cooking spoons, etc. are provided. We will take a small fee to cover the sugar costs.

Be welcome to the first Fruktsam event in collaboration with Smålands Nation!
For more information, look at the Facebook event or leave a comment.

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