Lund’s plum street

PlommonvägenNo wonder they named the street “Plommonvägen” – there are more than 20 plum trees on this street in the southern part of Lund!

IMG_4936In spring beautifully blossoming in white, the road is now colourful with several sorts of small plums – from purple (victoria plums) to yellow (mirabelle plums).

Hurry up to harvest some of those plums, they should be there another one or two weeks. There are several other places in Lund where you can find the fruits, check out the harvest map.

Pit removerTo prepare the plums, most suitable is the device depicted on the side, I found mine at Coop. Or you contact me and I will borrow you mine.

To conserve them for later use, I made lots of jam, but I can also recommend a simply and delicious crumble pie. Or should it be a plum-rum sauce? I heard something also about drying plums, any ideas?

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