Welcome to fruktsam – a guide on how to find, pick and prepare public fruit and more!

Fruktsam is all about edibles that grow in public spaces in Lund.

Being former students without a big garden or lots of money, but still enjoying fresh fruit and to make something edible out of them, we realised that there are many fruit trees and berry bushes all around the place. We picked our first pears behind the train station and made loads of jam out of those small plums that grow around the student housing Vildanden. A few weeks later we got the tip to check out an already existing and handy Google Map where some of the public trees and bushes have been marked out. Using the map for some time, we figured that it needs an update and people might benefit from being informed when a certain fruit can be harvested and how it can be prepared or conserved. Not many others use the opportunity to pick fruits for free and, sadly, most rot in the streets, leaving the municipality and residents to clean them up and a lot of people unnecessarily buying fruit from the shop that have travelled a long distance to get there.

IMG_4834Eventually, the fruktsam project was born. We envision that all public fruit in Lund are picked by offering

  • a harvest map showing where you can pick fruit, berries and nuts and that we constantly update and improve together with whoever wants to participate,
  • harvest calendar keeping you up to date about the harvest time for different types of fruit and
  • recipes explaining how to prepare and conserve the harvest.

With our weekly fruktsam news, we give updates and tell stories about anything to do with edibles around the city. Simply click on follow. We encourage you to comment and share your ideas, opinions, new places to pick or recipes.

You will also find short news on our Facebook page where we encourage you to start any other discussion around these edibles. For example, tell us your experience with picking fruits or post pictures of fruits, berries or nuts that you can’t identify and together we find out what it is and if we can eat them.

The Swedish word “fruktsam” literally means fruitful. Also, it consists of the word “frukt-” (fruit) and the ending “-sam”, referring to “tillsammans” which means “together”. Not only is picking and preparing together fun, but the more we are, the more we can achieve towards a more sustainable world with increased local and seasonal consumption and minimised resource use by taking advantage of what is already there.


Enjoy finding, picking and preparing free edibles in Lund with the support of fruktsam!

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